Monday, May 3, 2010

Beachin' it.

I just realized, while looking through my previous blog posts, how tan I've gotten - on Guam I would say, "I'm so Brown, nai!" Well, it's almost summer and even though living on a tropical isle guarantees summer all year round, certain commitments a.k.a. school and work, have kept me from enjoying Guam's beautiful beaches, until now. And boy, am I taking full advantage - I went a total of three times just this past week. :D

Sorry for the crappy picture quality - twas taken with my cell.

With my niece and nephew, you can see the beginnings of my very dark tan :D

My hubby with Keith!
Seriously guys, I'm so tan right now, I could probably blend in with the trees. :D I love my color right now though, TIP for my readers: one way to look instantly healthy, get a tan! However, do it healthily - I remember piling on a ton of moisturizers, sunscreen, sunblock, but to no avail. You can't escape the sun on Guam! :D

On the downside, I need to purchase a new shade of foundation --> one of the reasons I haven't done an FOTD in awhile, is 'cause my face with foundie on, totally doesn't match my neck! I'm thinking of getting a cheap, drugstore brand - leaning towards Revlon Photoready in Medium Beige (006) or Golden Beige (008). Also, I've noticed my usual makeup routine isn't cutting it, my fave blush (Lancome's Mandarin Sky) and lippie (MAC's Sweetie) looks kinda off on me. Oh well, this tan is gonna give me the chance to use my most neglected products.

Till the next time ladies, enjoy your summer! :D


  1. you and your family are so beautiful!!!!! love it!!! and happy advanced mothers day!!! <3

  2. @Jhoy, lol, thank you but the kiddies are my sisters. I'll be sure to pass on the greetings.


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