Saturday, May 15, 2010

Gala FOTD pt. 1

Hi my ladies! It’s been a week since my last blog post due to school/work obligations and what-not, but finally I feel like I can breathe! One more exam left, then I’m outtie. It’ll be summer for a few weeks (I’m taking summer classes), but after the stress of this semester, everything should be eazy-breezy in comparison.

Anyway, next week Friday our school within the University of Guam (School of Business and Public Administration) will be having the first joint gala between 5 different student organizations ever. It should be fun, I hope. Heehee, $25 additional for an all-you-can-drink ticket, now all me and the girlies need is a designated driver. Anyone wanna volunteer?
So, aside from planning my outfit I’ve been testing some makeup looks too. My dress is black and white, which means I can go super crazy with my makeup!

Here’s the first look I put together:

Closeup of the eyes
I finally figured out how to make the colors of the my recent Maybelline Quad purchase pop – I used a NYX eye pencil in Moss. I’m liking this look – I never really thought I could pull off the color green, but somehow it turned out pretty good.
Here are the products I used:

Maybelline Emerald Smokes Quad
MAC Powerpoint pencil in Engraved
MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack

Rimmel Mousse Bronzer (01, I think)
ELF cream blush stick
MAC blush in Cubic
Maybelline Color Sensationals Lippie in bit of berry w/ MAC Dazzleglass in Soft Dazzle on top.

Also, here’s a picture of the mess I made:
3 Haha, this is the reason why my hubby gets freaked out when I start "experimenting" with my make-up. :D

And just to throw it in, here’s a picture of my hubby on the computer:

He was freaking out over how oily his forehead looked, I swear he can be such a girl sometimes. :D
I’m planning to do at least two more “test” looks before the day of the gala. I’m leaning towards purple for the next one. So, till next time girlies.


  1. OOoooo FOTD! I love it!!! You look so pretty! I especially love the eyes :) Cant wait to see more of your FOTDs!

  2. love your make up!!!!u're so nice :)
    pass to my blog and follow me!!!
    xoxo francesca

  3. lol my bf hates my make up mess too, its amazing how much crap you can have every where just from doing one look lol.

    But your eye make up is to die for. So pretty. keep up the FOTD!!!

  4. Such pretty look, well done, you are gorgeous xoxo

  5. Love the look! :] Very pretty...

    Good luck w/ your last exam & enjoy yourself before you have to start summer school. Hopefully you can relax & do lots of fun stuff.

    My BF always gets mad/annoyed with the mess I have with all my makeup hehehe Oh well!

    Take care <3

  6. That lipstick looks so pretty! My boyfriend is a girl about things like that too:) Men...hahhaa xx

  7. Ps. the wedding picture in your header is beyond adorable!!!

  8. @Ariel: Thank you. :D

    Lol, it still makes me laugh when my hubby gets so girly about stuff like this.

  9. I love your eye make up! make me wanna wish I can pull off green eye shadow too :(

    followed your blog ;)

  10. Thanks for following :) I'm following you too!



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