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Mrs. Limehouse (since Aug. '08)

"What...another makeup blog?

I know, I know, some might say that the makeup blog market is oversaturated, teeming with thousands, maybe even millions of beauty blogs. They say it's hard to find your niche, and they say some people create blogs specifically for the purpose of "winning giveaways".

All I know is this:

I'm not here, to win free stuff or to "pimp" my makeup skills (trust me, I'm sorely lacking in this area). I'm here because I share something genuine with a majority of the population, and that is the LOVE of makeup. I'm here because makeup blogging is all  about COMMUNITY and that concept in itself is both intriguing and surprising.

I'm here to learn as much as I can about makeup and to make as many friends as I can in the process!  And if you're here for the same reasons, read on, my friend. :D

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