Sunday, May 30, 2010

I’ve been tagged +++

I was tagged by Leah from Another Makeup Blog and Krystal from Missy Sassy Pants, I decided to put the two tags together. :D

This tag has two parts, the 1st part is to reveal the 8th photo in the 8th folder on my computer so here it is:
My handsome hubby, Mr. Limehouse on our wedding day. Poor guy waited for an hour for me, in the hot sun, in a suit – shows how much he loves me. :D

2nd Tag consists of 12 questions:

1.What shoe size are you?

Size 8, which I love cuz I can always find a pair of shoes in my size! Guam is the land of women with small feet. :D

2.Where do you work?

I work for a small wholesale beverage company – I do part-time Accounting and Admin stuff.

3.Favorite piece of clothing you own?
My purple and gray baby-doll dress – I love the way it makes my *ahem* boobs look. :D

Me on the left, with my fellow JAS (Junior Accountants Society) officers.

4.Your favorite blog?
I <3 each and every of the blogs I follow, but my faves are the ones I comment the most on. :D

5.Do you have any pets?
Sadly, no. I had one, but had to give it away. :[

6.How many siblings do you have?
I have 2 sisters and 4 brothers – my brothers are scattered all over the world! One in Australia, one in Okinawa, and two in the Mainland, US.

7.If you could live anywhere were would it be?

Right here, baby! Seriously, I love Guam – the hubby wants to move to WA in the future tho.

8.What were you doing before this?

Lying down, playing Hotel City on FB.

hotel city

9.Your favorite food?

I eat Filipino cuisine the most, but I really love Japanese cuisine!!! I love sushi, tempura, cute little Bento boxes, etc.

10.Do you have a middle name?
Rose, which I hated for the longest time!! However, I’ve learned to accept my middle name, and have even incorporated it into my backpiece.


11.Your favorite websites?

I’m always on Chuvaness (Filipino gossip site), Helgaholic (she’s pretty funny), and shopping sites. :D

12.Who do you tag?

I tag five people, my newest followers. :D

Friday, May 28, 2010

Lush samples :D

About three weeks ago, I commented on Lora’s blog post, expressing my desire to try Lush products. I had been hearing so many good things about Lush – especially the skincare line, but I couldn’t find a way to ship the products on island. Within a day, Lora replied to my comment and offered to ship me free samples of Lush. I was beyond overjoyed and quite amazed at how nice fellow bloggers can be. :D

We quickly negotiated through e-mail,and I offered to pay for the shipping price, about 4 dollars – which really wasn’t bad considering I was getting free product samples!!

So, the package finally came in today (early bday gift!) and I am so happy. :D

Here are the pictures:


The box my package came in!

all three 

(L to R) Fresh Farmacy sample, Blooming Bath Melt (bonus gift from Lora!), Vanishing Cream sample


I was surprised at the size of the Fresh Farmacy sample!


Blooming Bath Melt, this product smelled heavenly. :D

However, the last sample she sent me fell victim to the shipping gods!! :[


By the time the Vanishing cream reached me, it had become a congealed mess!

Overall, I was/am still amazed at the kindness of complete strangers. This is the very reason why, I started blogging – I wanted to use my voice, and I wanted someone to listen. Lora and I live thousands of miles apart, over oceans even. :D But somehow, through makeup, we were able to establish a bond. Thank you Lora, I will never forget this! So don’t be surprised if you receive something in the mail in return. :D

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Blog Award + Mini update

I just wanted to say thank you to Mikki, for giving me my first blog award. Check her blog out guys, she writes some really interesting and informative blog posts. :D

The Rules:
  • Give this award to 10 sweet bloggers.
  • Make a post about the award including the picture and mention the person who gave it to you.
  • Put the award on your blog.
  • Let your nominated 10 know you've awarded them by leaving a comment.
I'm giving this award to 7 of the best bloggers ever!

  1. Leah
  2. Lora
  3. xAgnes
  4. reeskie
  5. VanessaJhoy
  6. Sulora
  7. Krystal Leigh
* I know the blog award says 10, but I'm hoping 7 is enough. :D

Anyway, for those of  you who follow me on Twitter, you probably know why I haven't been blogging lately - I popped a blood vessel in my eye. It was all gross and red - I almost missed my gala because of it. But at the last minute, I was like eff it, I'm still gonna go! So, I had fun and I do have some pictures of my OOTD - I'll prolly post that later. My eye is healing pretty well - its still red and I'm still scared to wear contacts, so I've been spending my days in a makeup-less haze with my big, dorky glasses on. :D I'm really hoping it heals soon! I really miss all of you, and even though I haven't been blogging regularly, I still comment regularly on my favorite blogs (you know who you are!). I'm planning to make a mini MAC haul post soon, I purchased a lippie and a blush, which let me tell you right now, are both to die for!!

 Till the next post ladies. :D

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Gala FOTD pt. 1

Hi my ladies! It’s been a week since my last blog post due to school/work obligations and what-not, but finally I feel like I can breathe! One more exam left, then I’m outtie. It’ll be summer for a few weeks (I’m taking summer classes), but after the stress of this semester, everything should be eazy-breezy in comparison.

Anyway, next week Friday our school within the University of Guam (School of Business and Public Administration) will be having the first joint gala between 5 different student organizations ever. It should be fun, I hope. Heehee, $25 additional for an all-you-can-drink ticket, now all me and the girlies need is a designated driver. Anyone wanna volunteer?
So, aside from planning my outfit I’ve been testing some makeup looks too. My dress is black and white, which means I can go super crazy with my makeup!

Here’s the first look I put together:

Closeup of the eyes
I finally figured out how to make the colors of the my recent Maybelline Quad purchase pop – I used a NYX eye pencil in Moss. I’m liking this look – I never really thought I could pull off the color green, but somehow it turned out pretty good.
Here are the products I used:

Maybelline Emerald Smokes Quad
MAC Powerpoint pencil in Engraved
MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack

Rimmel Mousse Bronzer (01, I think)
ELF cream blush stick
MAC blush in Cubic
Maybelline Color Sensationals Lippie in bit of berry w/ MAC Dazzleglass in Soft Dazzle on top.

Also, here’s a picture of the mess I made:
3 Haha, this is the reason why my hubby gets freaked out when I start "experimenting" with my make-up. :D

And just to throw it in, here’s a picture of my hubby on the computer:

He was freaking out over how oily his forehead looked, I swear he can be such a girl sometimes. :D
I’m planning to do at least two more “test” looks before the day of the gala. I’m leaning towards purple for the next one. So, till next time girlies.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mini Drugstore Haul

So, I promised you I was going to put up pictures and swatches of the drugstore products I bought about two weeks ago. I picked up some elf eyeshadows, a 4-eyeshadow blank palette, the much raved about Maybelline Stylish Smokes Quad in Emerald Smokes, and some lip balms.

Here are my pics:
 LIP BALM Elf Therapeutic Conditioning Lip Balm & Chapstick

Maybelline Stylish Smokes in Emerald Smokes, $7.99

FIRST ELF QUAD New Palette: Old Eyeshadows – Ivory & Dusk, New Eyeshadows – Golden Glow & Mocha

Old Palette: Old Eyeshadows – Pink Ice & Dusk, New Eyeshadows: Sage & Moondust

Swatches without flash, *only swatched the new ELF eyeshadows

Swatches with flash

ELF Eyeshadows – I love, love, love the ELF eyeshadows, got them for a buck each and I must say, the products were probably worth that and more. I already had an initial palette and I did a bit of rearranging to accommodate the new products and new palette. :D There was quite a bit of fallout, similar to my Coastal Scents Palette (I tend to avoid using any dense eyeshadow brushes as it contributes to this), but the nice pigmentation more than made up for that.

Emerald Smokes Quad – I liked the quad, however I wasn’t in love with it. It might have been the color combo, or the fact that I only used a primer (most YT Gurus used a base). The colors didn’t show up that well on my eyes, so I’m hoping to get a MAC paintpot or a NYX large eye pencil this coming payday to help solve the problem. Overall, I liked how they made the application process easier (instructions on the back and on the shadows itself) and how it looked in the quad, but on my skin, not so much. :(

Lip Balms – Chapstick has always been an essential part of my makeup routine, I’ve tried other lip balms, but they were never as good. And that’s why I completely regret buying the ELF lip balm, it probably wasn’t even worth the dollar I spent. First of all, the ELF lip balm made my lips ashy looking – the white tinge of the balm doesn’t completely come off, and I was walking around looking like a zombie! Yes, granted it was moisturizing, but it was nothing out of the ordinary. All in all, purchasing the ELF lip balm was a major disappointment. :(

Hope I didn’t overwhelm your screens with all the pictures. :D Till next time, ladies.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Beachin' it.

I just realized, while looking through my previous blog posts, how tan I've gotten - on Guam I would say, "I'm so Brown, nai!" Well, it's almost summer and even though living on a tropical isle guarantees summer all year round, certain commitments a.k.a. school and work, have kept me from enjoying Guam's beautiful beaches, until now. And boy, am I taking full advantage - I went a total of three times just this past week. :D

Sorry for the crappy picture quality - twas taken with my cell.

With my niece and nephew, you can see the beginnings of my very dark tan :D

My hubby with Keith!
Seriously guys, I'm so tan right now, I could probably blend in with the trees. :D I love my color right now though, TIP for my readers: one way to look instantly healthy, get a tan! However, do it healthily - I remember piling on a ton of moisturizers, sunscreen, sunblock, but to no avail. You can't escape the sun on Guam! :D

On the downside, I need to purchase a new shade of foundation --> one of the reasons I haven't done an FOTD in awhile, is 'cause my face with foundie on, totally doesn't match my neck! I'm thinking of getting a cheap, drugstore brand - leaning towards Revlon Photoready in Medium Beige (006) or Golden Beige (008). Also, I've noticed my usual makeup routine isn't cutting it, my fave blush (Lancome's Mandarin Sky) and lippie (MAC's Sweetie) looks kinda off on me. Oh well, this tan is gonna give me the chance to use my most neglected products.

Till the next time ladies, enjoy your summer! :D