Friday, April 30, 2010

Missing MAC 252!

Today was a pretty busy day, I had to put in some hours with my FWS program (Federal Work-Study), and ended up going to Kmart to buy some essentials (result: mini haul for later) - in Guam, Kmart is probably the only place we can buy a large variety of drugstore makeup. So I got home, headed straight for my vanity desk to play with the eye shadows I had just purchased, when I noticed something was off! My makeup brushes, lippie palettes, and eyeshadow palettes were all over the floor. My heart sank when I realized my 3 year old niece had decided to play with my makeup while I was gone. I took a quickie inventory of my stuff and didn't realize until later that my MAC 252 brush was missing!

Boohoo! Where is my MAC 252?!
I'm kinda feeling depressed right now, I usually take really good care of my stuff and we all know MAC brushes ain't cheap! I can't get mad at my niece though, so what am I to do? I'm praying that brush didn't leave my room and I hope I can figure out where she decided to stash it. I'm thinking about keeping my makeup in a locked box, or locking my room whenever I leave!

Lady luck, just bless me this one time and help me find my makeup brush!!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Makeup challenge fail + FOTD, finally!

So, you can probably tell from the lack of updates how miserably I failed my FOTD challenge. I did maybe one look right after that post, but I ended up getting so lazy!!! >.<  Lol, oh well, you girlies would’ve probably gotten sick of my face anyway. Seriously, I hate myself for giving up so easily, but I do realize that making myself do five consecutive FOTD’s might have been a little too much!

Anyway, I managed to put a look together with the help of the hubby, aka mr. camera man, and I am really proud of how it turned out. I did wear a toned down version of the look to school this morning, but I decided to spice it up for the FOTD. So here it is, and I’m calling it “Pretty Ruthless”. Lol, please help me work on my naming skills!


This is a close-up of the eyes, the color is much more blue/gray IRL (courtesy of my 88 warm palette), but the flash and my hubby’s sucky camera skills failed to capture the true color. :D


I used:


88 Warm Palette ( silver, metallic blue, matte black)

Lancome Definicils Mascara

MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack


MAC Studio Sculpt in NC35

MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NW 30

MAC Blush in Cubic

MAC Dazzleglass in Soft Dazzle

Here’s another one of me trying to be “model-esque” but sucking at it! The hubsters said I looked good in it, so I just wanted to show you guys.

full body 

In other news, I’m pretty frustrated with life right now! I know I’ve brought it up a few times, but college life really is taking a toll on me, both mentally and physically. I’ve been breaking out like crazy and gaining a buttload of weight. The hubby still says I’m sexy, but he has to say that – I think the whole, “you look good baby” package came with the wedding ring! I know I brought it upon myself (taking 7 classes this sem. + 2 in the summer just so I can graduate this fall), but sometimes I feel like the pressure never ends. I really can’t wait till December – I’m planning to throw a big party and hopefully be able to take a much-needed vacation next year. Sorry for unloading all of this drama here, hope I didn’t talk your ears off. Till the next time ladies, muah!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

FOTD and my makeup challenge

First off, here are a few FOTD pics taken about a week ago. I just felt like doing a really natural, clean face because; 1) l haven’t had the time to really put on a decent face :( , and 2) I felt like a natural face was better than no face at all.
If I remember correctly, I used my Revlon Photoready foundation, MAC Studio Sculpt concealer, NYX Brown Eyes Palette (lilac, purple, and dark brown), Estee Lauder Softsmudge Black liner, Lancome’s Mandarin Sky blush and a light application of my MAC sweetie (lustre) and some lipgloss. close up
I was pretty happy with how it turned out, just a no-frills, simple look. I might do this again, with other colors from my highly neglected NYX palette. :D

So on to other stuff, you might be wondering about the last part of this post’s title, “…and my makeup challenge.” As I’ve said before, school really has been sucking the life out of me and the first thing I sacrificed was makeup. :(  Aside from powder and some lipbalm (sometimes no powder at all), I’ve been foregoing makeup on a regular basis. So, here I am, sitting in front of my work/vanity desk and I’m starting to realize how much I miss being made up. Therefore, I’ve decided to challenge myself! I am going to do an FOTD everyday, for the next five days, even if it kills me (lol, so dramatic). Here are my conditions:
  1. No repeat looks!
  2. Black eyeliner, lipgloss and blush do not constitute as a “look”.
  3. Try to use my most neglected makeup products (NYX, CoastalScents).
  4. Take a picture everyday.
  5. Enjoy it!
Tomorrow is going to be a difficult day (I’m in school for 12 hrs., 8 am – 830 pm). I hope I succeed! Wish me luck girlies. :D

Monday, April 12, 2010

New MAC Lippies

I can’t wait for the end of the semester! Seriously, all these projects and exams are wearing me out – I’ve been foregoing makeup for the past few weeks (the most I’ve been able to put on is pressed powder and lip balm) and I really hate it! I need some color on my face, I need to get to a MAC counter, stat.

With that being said, how have you lovelies been doing? (I wonder if anyone even reads this blog?) I decided to put up a couple of pics of my fave MAC lippies, enjoy!bravelips

Say hello to MAC Satin in Brave. Isn’t she lovely? I usually layer my favorite tube of Dazzleglass Creme in Soft Dazzle over it, this lippie makes me feel so bouncy and giddy! I just absolutely love it.


This one is MAC Lustre in Sweetie, and lemme tell you I really do feel like a Sweetie when I wear it. I love the glossy finish to this – and its so versatile. I use one or two layers for a daytime look (like this one), then I break out the liner and lipgloss for some added oomph.

Looking at these pictures makes me really wanna head to the nearest MAC counter. I wish I had the time, payday is this Friday but I have a ton of things to do! :(

Coming up soon: My review on three Rimmel Mousse blushes I purchased for a dollar each.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Review: Revlon Photoready Foundation

Wheew, so tired! Today marks the official end of my Easter break, and between trying to write an entry for this blog, finishing up some last-minute school requirements, plus a little bit of shopping mixed in – to say today was busy is truly an understatement!

So, after attending 2 Easter parties and eating all of that yummy BBQ (party food on the island), I was bone-tired. However, before heading home the hubby and I made a quick stop at K-mart, and I ended up at the makeup section (no surprise there!). I passed by the clearance section and picked up some Rimmel blushes ($1 each!), and I finally ended up at the Revlon counter/area. My heart started beating faster when I realized our local K-mart had gotten some shipments of Revlon Photoready Foundation. I’ve read a lot of reviews on the product, most of them mixed and I knew I just had to try it.

Here’s my opinion:

I was so excited to try the product, so I hurriedly put on the foundie, some blush (Rimmel Mousse blush) and lipstick (Maybelline Color-Sensationals).

The product looked amazing in person. It gave off this really youthful glow, and though I have Combination/Oily skin, my MAC Primer was able to work its usual magic. My sister saw the product on me and swore she would purchase one for herself! Yes, the glitters are readily noticeable, but it lent to the whole “dewy” look. I also loved the packaging, Revlon got it right this time, a pump! Plus, the product goes a long way, (1 fl. oz/ 30 ml) one pump was enough to cover my whole face.

My Acne scarring was still visible, though I don’t think the glitter in this particular foundation exaggerated it. Also, for a product called “PhotoReady”, I assumed it would work with flash, sadly no.I took a bunch of pictures and my face looked lighter in about a quarter of them.
All in all, I still loved this foundation! I didn’t realize it until now, but I really hated the whole matte look. Thank you Revlon, for helping me figure that out.

Grade: A


I finally gave in to the makeup hype and purchased a Revlon Photo Ready Foundation - I got it in 005 Natural Beige, which is pretty light, but still wearable.

A review should be up in the next few days. Meanwhile, read up on this foundation at MakeupGeek. See ya'll later.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

HG foundation, my never-ending quest!

About a year ago, I started seeing an acronym pop-up in all of my favorite blogs, "HG foundation this, HG concealer that...". I was bit baffled at first, and though it took me awhile to figure out what those two letters stand for (Holy Grail), I understood the gist of what these bloggers were saying. HG referred to the most suitable (fill-in the blank) product for one's skin. Soon after realizing what these bloggers meant, I started my own search for the hardest HG product to find; foundation!

Being Filipino has its benefits (naturally sun resistant skin and the ability to look years younger than you really are!), but the naturally yellow undertones of my skin has made it difficult to find my HG foundation. On top of that, I have a bad case of acne scarring. :(

So, I had to find a foundation heavy enough to cover all of my scarring, but light enough to look natural. Oxymoron, your definition is my HG foundation. :D

I've searched everywhere possible on Guam and after a year of trying the most diverse bunch of makeup brands (from Mary Kay to Maybelline to some makeup brand from Korea), I am finally down to three; MAC, Revlon and Makeup Designory.

My top three HG foundation candidates:

Pls. excuse the photos, I was too lazy to bust out the camera.

I use each of these foundations for different occasions; Revlon if I need really heavy coverage, MAC on my normal skin days, and the Makeup Designory cream foundation on my lighter days.  Currently, I'm in the midst of switching back to Makeup Designory, I plan to start using it again starting tomorrow.

So, where does this leave me? Still searching, still hoping for my Holy Grail foundation. :D