Friday, May 28, 2010

Lush samples :D

About three weeks ago, I commented on Lora’s blog post, expressing my desire to try Lush products. I had been hearing so many good things about Lush – especially the skincare line, but I couldn’t find a way to ship the products on island. Within a day, Lora replied to my comment and offered to ship me free samples of Lush. I was beyond overjoyed and quite amazed at how nice fellow bloggers can be. :D

We quickly negotiated through e-mail,and I offered to pay for the shipping price, about 4 dollars – which really wasn’t bad considering I was getting free product samples!!

So, the package finally came in today (early bday gift!) and I am so happy. :D

Here are the pictures:


The box my package came in!

all three 

(L to R) Fresh Farmacy sample, Blooming Bath Melt (bonus gift from Lora!), Vanishing Cream sample


I was surprised at the size of the Fresh Farmacy sample!


Blooming Bath Melt, this product smelled heavenly. :D

However, the last sample she sent me fell victim to the shipping gods!! :[


By the time the Vanishing cream reached me, it had become a congealed mess!

Overall, I was/am still amazed at the kindness of complete strangers. This is the very reason why, I started blogging – I wanted to use my voice, and I wanted someone to listen. Lora and I live thousands of miles apart, over oceans even. :D But somehow, through makeup, we were able to establish a bond. Thank you Lora, I will never forget this! So don’t be surprised if you receive something in the mail in return. :D


  1. Great stuff!

    Do check out my CSN gift certificate of $60 Giveaway.

    Thank you!

  2. Thanks Rita, I'm so sorry about the Vanishing Cream! I totally didn't think about it congealing! Hope you enjoy your products.

    I think Happy Blooming did melt like I thought it would, it should have 3 segments and cherry imprints on it. Oh well.. I suppose it will still work! Have fun testing and email me your reviews of Happy Blooming and Fresh Farmacy when you're done with them :) xx

  3. aww that's really sweet of her. Yeah Blogger girls can be such sweethearts! :]

    I hope you enjoyed the products that made it okay! I really like Fresh Farmacy!

  4. @Lora: Sure, no problem. :D

    @Angelique: Bloggers are awesome! I've been using Fresh Farmacy for the past few days and it's already working wonders!


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