Friday, April 30, 2010

Missing MAC 252!

Today was a pretty busy day, I had to put in some hours with my FWS program (Federal Work-Study), and ended up going to Kmart to buy some essentials (result: mini haul for later) - in Guam, Kmart is probably the only place we can buy a large variety of drugstore makeup. So I got home, headed straight for my vanity desk to play with the eye shadows I had just purchased, when I noticed something was off! My makeup brushes, lippie palettes, and eyeshadow palettes were all over the floor. My heart sank when I realized my 3 year old niece had decided to play with my makeup while I was gone. I took a quickie inventory of my stuff and didn't realize until later that my MAC 252 brush was missing!

Boohoo! Where is my MAC 252?!
I'm kinda feeling depressed right now, I usually take really good care of my stuff and we all know MAC brushes ain't cheap! I can't get mad at my niece though, so what am I to do? I'm praying that brush didn't leave my room and I hope I can figure out where she decided to stash it. I'm thinking about keeping my makeup in a locked box, or locking my room whenever I leave!

Lady luck, just bless me this one time and help me find my makeup brush!!!!


  1. I'm sorry about your Mac brush missing, sometimes I'd have those episodes when I've searched all over the place and then when least expected it just pops up in-front of me. Anywho, the brush must still be in your room, hopefully.

    have a wonderful weekend!

  2. @Orgo Cosmetics: Thank you. :D

    @Marissa: I really hope I find it, and I am praying its just a case of misplacement. :(


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