Thursday, August 12, 2010

I’m back + MAC Haul

Wow, I can’t believe I actually wrote a blog entry, so proud of myself! It’s been a rough couple of months, what with work, school and what-not. But I’m back, and I’m hoping this is permanent.

So, before I show you my MAC eyeshadow haulage over the past two months, I have a teeny, tiny confession to make; I bought my first MAC shadow two months ago! Yup, I was a complete MAC eyeshadow virgin, up until my last journal entry. There were a few reasons why I refrained from buying MAC shadows – first and foremost was my insane fear of becoming an eyeshadow junkie. We all know MAC makes some of the best eyeshadows ever, and I was really scared of getting heavily hooked on ‘em!

I’ve managed to control my cravings, somewhat, but in all honesty – I’ve stopped buying all other makeup products at my local Macy’s! Seriously, I go straight to the MAC counter and end up blowing my cash before I’m able to go anywhere else. I really don’t regret it though, MAC products are too awesome!
Anyway, here are all of the shadows I have managed to purchase over two months ;

WARNING: Photo-heavy

MAC shadow cup

I keep all of ‘em in this cute little cup that came with some flowers the hubby got me for our 2nd anniversary.


All 8 of them, ain’t they so pretty!


And here are some individual pictures;


Amber Lights


Expensive Pink


All That Glitters


Soft Brown






Satin Taupe



And lastly, here are some swatches over my MAC Paintpot in Soft Ochre;


From L to R: Nocturnelle, Amber Lights, Expensive Pink, All That Glitters, Soft Brown, Satin Taupe, Bronze, and Tempting.

After looking at the pictures, I realized that Bronze and Tempting look very similar – they really don’t in person. Tempting is more of a chocolate color, while Bronze really is a Bronze. :)

Anyway, if you need any help kickstarting your MAC makeup collection, Christine of Temptalia has made a really helpful compilation of the best makeup (shadow, lippies, blushes) for your skintone.
And if you browse around her site more, she also has a list for lighter or darker skintones. Hope this helps you build your collection like it has mine!

Till the next time ladies. :D


  1. ooohhh, i think i want all that glitters and tempting! very pretty! =)

  2. Thanks, Mikki! I love all of them, Tempting is really awesome on its own, and All That Glitters is a good highlight. :D

  3. Great haul girl! The only one I own is tempting. If my eyeshadow ever gets out of control and I mess up and things start to look muggy, I always add some tempting in the crease and it fixes it. I don't know why.


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