Saturday, June 26, 2010

End of the month mashup +++

Hi Ladies!!! It's been awhile and I've really missed blogging and blog-hopping. I have a ton of things to share with you - like, MAC purchases and a new skincare routine.

Anyway, you might be reading my title and wondering what this "end of the month mashup is all about" - basically, I just wanted to do an update of the things (beauty-related or otherwise) that have been keeping me busy. So here they are and in list-form, cuz that's how I do best. :D

  • I've been super busy with work and school - granted, the first summer session is ending in a few days, but I signed up for another class which begins on July 5th, so I barely have a weekend to recover. :[
  • I've been purchasing MAC a lot, I usually try to limit my MAC purchases to foundations and such, but lately I've been going crazy for their blushes and lippies. Before this year started, I only owned one Foundation (Studio Sculpt), a Powerpoint Eye Pencil (Engraved), and a concealer (Select MoistureCover) - now, I own blushes, lippies, a paint pot, eye pencils, a new foundie (Studio Fix), face powders, and brushes. This is quickly becoming an addiction!
  • I've been prepping for my last semester in college, hooray!! I can't believe how far how I've come, and I'm really scared but excited at the same time.
  • I was breaking out like crazy (one of the reasons why I took a blogging break), so I decided to change my skin routine and so far, it works!! 
As for blogging, I really, really need to get back in to the swing of things!! I have so many ideas for blog posts and what-not, but no time to execute them. I swear, if I could wish for anything it would be 30-hour days!

Anyway, till the next time, my ladies!


  1. glad to hear from you! cant wait for your new posts :)
    i've been tempted by MAC recently.. i never really owned much of their products (just a foundation/brush) but i think i might pop the bubble and start purchasing once their new collection comes out! EEEK.
    anyways, best of luck with school! i have a few more days until my finals (i know, i shouldnt be on blogger) and i'll be so glad when thats done! goood luck with your semester! :D

  2. yay!!!! so happy youre back love! congrats on all the hard work and time youve been committing to school and work!

    cant wait to see your nexts posts! :)

  3. You know I've been hoping our 24 hr days would turn into about 30 hr days too! I don't see it happening though! Oh Well. I just wanted to say thanks for your sweet comments, they mean a lot! Good luck in school too!

  4. Rita!!! I miss your blogging girl!!!

    thanks for commenting on my post! I changed my blog name to so I think you have to unfollow jetleah and follow about that!!!

    blog again please, I miss your pretty face! :)


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