Monday, March 29, 2010

Makeup Blogging from Paradise

You might be wondering about the name of this blog, so I thought I should be a good blogger and explain. :)
I was born in the Philippines, but came to Guam as a kid. I have been living on this beautiful island for about 15+ years, and though my home is far from perfect (Come on, what place is?), for the most part, Guam certainly lives up to the definition of Paradise.

Here are some pictures:


This pic was taken on my wedding day, notice the clear blue skies and the coconut trees? A majority of the island looks like this, and though we do have a booming economy (mainly from Tourism and Military Spending), a large part of the island remains pristine and untouched.

02062010 (194)

My nephew, Keith at the beach, and yes, the sand always looks this white. But best of all, it’s free. The beach is just 15 min. away from my house, sadly I don’t go swimming enough.

You can Google hundreds of pictures to see how beautiful the island truly is, but living in a place with a tropical climate (the temp. can be around 90 degrees Farenheit on most days) does pose a lot of difficulties for makeup lovers. These are the sort of things I hope to talk about in this blog, so stick around and be entertained. :)

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