Monday, June 7, 2010

Santa Cruzan + Made to Order FOTD

I decided to take two classes this summer – one to raise my GPA, and one to fulfill a requirement.

I’m currently taking the “Easy A” class, and I’m enjoying it. I’m taking TA101- An Intro to Tagalog class, which I am fluent in. :D

So, one of our assignments for the weekend was to attend the yearly Santa Cruzan parade in one of the hotels.

Note: A Santa Cruzan is a religious procession celebrated in the Philippines during the month of May.

It was extra special this year, cuz my mom and my nephew were part of the event.

Here are some pictures:


Keith with my mom, Reyna De Las Estrellas (Queen of the Stars).


With me, sorry for the lighting – this was taken before the procession, mid-afternoon.


My classmate and fellow Accounting major, Markie. :D Haha, I just noticed I do the “bent arm” pose alot, ‘tis good for slimming the arms!


And here’s another one with Keith and my mom, during the actual parade.

So, on to the FOTD:


Sorry for the serious pose, I was trying to be model-esque. :P

I kept the look pretty simple, since it was blazing hot (100 degrees, I  believe) and I didn’t feel like sweating all my makeup off.

I used my new fave foundie, MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC40  and MAC MSF Natural in Medium Plus. I also used MAC PeachTwist as my blush, MAC Cubic to Contour, and MAC Lippie in Made-to-Order (this is the first coral lippie I’ve ever had, and I love it!!).

I loved how the foundie stayed on during the whole event, despite how sweaty I was!! It’s too soon to tell, but I feel like I may have found my new HG foundie. So, I purchased the Studio Fix Fluid a few days before the event, and I was pretty stunned when the MAC MUA informed me that I was no longer an NC35 (Studio Sculpt), I was now an NC40! I wanted to protest, but something in me told me to trust this particular MUA. Thank God, I did – because I really love everything about this particular foundation (a review should be coming up soon).

Till the next time ladies!!


  1. :D that coral lippie looks good on you!! i think i may need to go and swatch this because im kind of falling for coral colours now :D

    and im jealous! haha im taking two courses right now as well, one being a requirement and the other was 'supposed' to be a gpa booster :( but unfortunately, its not as easy as i thought!! oh well.. best of luck on your courses! :)

  2. Ahh, your mother looks beautiful and your nephew is so cute! I agree about the bent arm pose. I've started to do that as well, and it does look slimming!

    And oh gosh, your FOTD is really pretty! I hate it when my makeup comes off in the heat from sweat :( I'm glad the foundation works really well! Looking forward to the review :)


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